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We are convinced that a calm and solid mind is the guarantee of great personal, professional, athletic and romantic successes.

To this end, OpenSynaps programs aim to create new states of consciousness through self-hypnosis and a combination of innovative mental techniques.

Free Access - covid19

To help in the fight against Covid-19, the OpenSynaps team has decided to make OpenSynaps Immun available to everyone for free during the entire Covid-19 crisis. 

Enjoy OpenSynaps Immun for free using the promo-code : covid2019

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OpenSynaps Immun

OpenSynaps Immun aims to protect your immune system and develop your serenity through autohypnosis.

OpenSynaps Mental

OpenSynaps Mental helps to reduce your psychological stress associated to certain disorders such as lack of confidence, eating disorders, sleep or even phobias thanks to autohypnosis.


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