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Frequently asked questions

What results can I expect ?

This will vary a lot depending on your receptiveness to the methods used by OpenSynaps as well as your own motivation. Overall, the methods used by OpenSynaps, including autohypnosis, allow very good results to be obtained, even up to the total disappearance of phobias and physical pain. We encourage you to test the free 3-day trial version to get an idea!

How long does a treatment last?

An OpenSynaps conditioning program lasts approximately 30 days. You can then make a program on another topic or on the same as needed. You also have access to the quick recall, which allows you to quickly deal with an anxiety attack, even when the program is finished.

How many programs can I do?

As many as you wish. Whether it’s in your free 3-day trial period or with the subscription, you can run as many programs as you want on the target app. There is no usage limit.

Phone therapy or virtual reality therapy?

The main advantage of phone therapy is its mobility. You can run your programs on the train, in the office, before a test, etc. Virtual reality therapy allows better immersion and increased effectiveness of autohypnosis.

What if the symptoms persist or continue to worsen?

OpenSynaps programs provide psychological support, but are not a substitute for specialist treatment. If symptoms continue or worsen, it is important to see a specialist.

How is my data protected?

Your data is completely confidential and is not shared with any unauthorized third party. The data is hosted in Switzerland, in a secure Tier III type data center and subject to Swiss data protection legislation.

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