OpenSynaps Mental is a mobile and virtual reality therapeutic application allowing to reduce the psychological stress linked to certain disorders through the use of autohypnosis and a combination of innovative mental techniques.

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Do you have a tendency to devalue yourself ? OpenSynaps helps you to gradually reshape your relationship with yourself by becoming more forgiving and giving pleasure the place it deserves.


A state of stress and fear continuously tires you. Opensynaps, by acting on the unconscious mechanisms of your conditioned reflexes, will help you find a new climate of inner calm and security.


Are you subject to manias? OpenSynaps helps you to liberate yourself little by little from your manias by making your mind freer. You will therefore manage to gain serenity in your everyday life.


Do you have trouble concentrating? OpenSynaps helps you to gradually reshape your relationship with yourself by becoming more forgiving and giving pleasure the place it deserves.

Fear of failure

Are you afraid of failure ? OpenSynaps aims to transform your negative conditioned reflex into a new positive reflex, based on self-confidence, restoring the will to dare and the certainty of succeeding.


Are you prone to fear of loss of connection and abandonment? OpenSynaps offers you a program essentially based on growing the roots that could not develop in your childhood.


You are feeling depressed or close to depression ? OpenSynaps will help you to progressively improve your moral by proposing you a more positive outlook on life.

Eating disorders

Do you suffer from eating disorders ? OpenSynaps offers you an approach centered on love and self-esteem which are not pronounced enough in you. By developing them, you will see a marked improvement in your will to resist your desires and respect your body.


You have no energy to get up in the morning and go to work. OpenSynaps invites you to start with a program to deeply relax you, to take a step back in your work and give up your idealism of perfection, which puts too much pressure on you.

Sleep disorders

Do you have troubles sleeping, your mind is constantly cluttered ? OpenSynaps will help you to let go and to bring more order in your mind.


Do you lack self-confidence? OpenSynaps by acting on your unconscious will help you change your reflexes and gradually acquire the self-confidence that you deserve.

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