General Sales Contract (GSC)


The physical products sold by OpenSynaps are guaranteed for 2 years, the date of purchase being proof.


The methods used by OpenSynaps are inspired by classic processing methods and have been developed in direct collaboration with specialists. However, given the interpersonal variability (regular use, preexisting conditions and other factors) it is not possible to guarantee, a priori, the effectiveness of a treatment.


The OpenSynaps brand, resources and logos are subject to copyright. The unique OpenSynaps method combining hypnosis, self-hypnosis, operant conditioning, subliminal, sound therapy, art therapy and breathing is also subject to copyright and belongs to OpenSynaps.


The use of OpenSynaps services and products is performed under the sole responsibility of its end user.


The prices of OpenSynaps services are indicated in US dollars or CHF, VAT included. Prices may vary depending on the store used for purchases (Apple Store, Play Store, Oculus Store, etc.)


Upon receipt of payment, OpenSynaps undertakes to provide full and immediate access to its various services. However, in the event of infrastructure or update problems, there may be temporary unavailability of services.

Payment methods

According to the stores used when purchasing OpenSynaps software.

Cancellation / Refund

Since OpenSynaps dematerialized products are products for immediate consumption, there is no possibility of cancellation or refund. Subscriptions to OpenSynaps services can be terminated from month to month.

Right of return

In principle, there is no right of return nor withdrawal on purchases in the online store of OpenSynaps.

Support / Help

OpenSynaps is committed to providing written support in the event of a problem.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The applicable law is the Swiss law, any dispute will be dealt with by the District Court of the canton of Vaud in Lausanne, Switzerland.